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Gallery of
Interesting Pre-War Gibsons
Over the years we have been privileged to handle many prewar Gibson banjos. In this section of our web site we are sharing pics of several of these instruments. Enjoy. We are always interested in purchasing banjos such as these, and we are also willing to handle them on consignment.

Gibson one-of-a-kind Florentine, circa 1930

Gibson Bella Voce. 1927 (sold)

Gibson Bella Voce, circa 1927 (sold)

Gibson Bella Voce, circa 1928

Gibson Electric Tenor, circa 1940 (sold)

Gibson Kel Kroydon KK10

Gibson Kel Kroydon KK11

Gibson Kel Kroydon KK11 (brown)(sold)

Gibson MB-3, circa 1937

Gibson MB-11, circa late 1930s(sold)

Gibson PB-5, circa 1927

Gibson Recording King, circa 1929

Gibson S.S. Stewart, circa 1930s

Gibson Studio King, circa 1932

Gibson Studio King, circa 1934

Gibson Style 11 "Melody Banjo", circa 1930s

Gibson TB-2, circa 1933

Gibson TB-4, circa 1930 (sold)

Gibson TB-5, circa 1925

Gibson TB-6 Checkerboard. 1928 (sold)

Gibson TB-75, circa 1936

Gibson TB-75, circa late 1930s (sold)

Truett by Gibson (like KK-10) , circa 1930s

Truett by Gibson (like Style 11), circa 1930s