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Turtle Hill
Banjo Company
David E. Schenkman
PO Box 2866
La Plata, MD 20646
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2002 Stelling Black Stag
Nechville maple Phantom; Galaxy inlay
1928 Gibson Checkerboard TB-6
Nechville XXX (one of 30 built)
Steve Sparkman's 1928 Gibson Granada
Ome North Star Custom
Deering Terry Baucom: special price!
Nechville Phantom; Antler inlay
1970s Gibson RB-250
1925 Gibson TB-4 conversion
Ome Odyssey
1996 Stelling engraved Masterflower

PREWAR GIBSON BANJOS We always have lots of interesting prewar banjos in stock. At the present time our inventory includes TB-11 (several of them), TB-1, TB-2, TB-3, TB-4, PB-5, TB-6 Checkerboard, and a TB-75. If you are SERIOUSLY interested, give us a call. Openback Banjos
Nechville Atlas; 11" pot
Nechville Atlas; 12" pot
Tradesman, 12" pot
Deering White Oak; 12" pot
1880s S.S. Stewart Lady
Mike Ramsey Presentation Grade
Mike Ramsey Presentation Grade 12" Fretless
1928 Vega Tubaphone; fancy M. Ramsey neck
1912 Vega with David Ball neck
Tenor Banjos 1916 Vega Tubaphone
1920s Vega Tubaphone


2009 Sumi S-5DX; Fern inlay
Ratliff F-5 Other Instruments Accessories

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A Trip to Stelling Banjo
A visit with Tony Ellis
Images from the 2005 IBMA Trade Show

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