Gibson Recording King banjo, circa 1932.
This banjo has style 6 fingerboard and peghead inlay, chrome plated metal parts, maple neck and resonator, and a 40-hole archtop tone ring. I acquired it from the daughter of the original owner. Thanks for trusting me with your dad's banjo, Gloria. It's in good hands!

This is the only picture the family could find of the banjo's original owner. It was reproduced from an old 8mm movie made in the mid 1950s. According to Gloria, her father's band "was named 'Pop Barnes and His Merrymakers.' They played mostly in Arlington, VA at fire halls, schools, etc. for dances and minstrel shows. The band consisted of Pop Barnes, playing melody on the tenor banjo you now own, a bass player, and a man who played the electric tenor guitar. He sometimes also played the banjo, but only chords not the melody."


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