A visit to Wyatt Fawley's shop

Recently I made a trip to Wyatt Fawley's shop in southwestern Pennsylvania to pick up necks for thirteen banjos. In my opinion nobody builds a better neck than Wyatt, and I have such a high regard for his work that I now represent him. So, if you need a new neck for an old Vega, Gibson, or other make, give me a call to discuss details and prices. Below are some pics of his shop.

Click Here to see a few examples of Wyatt's work

left: On the bench in the foreground are four new necks which are now on my banjos.

right: Wyatt, at work installing a neck.

left: Another view of the shop.

right: Necks in various stages of completion, and some old necks.

left: Preparing to install capo spikes on a prewar Gibson banjo.

right: Hammering them in.

left: Checking the fit of the heel on a prewar Gibson banjo.

right: Wyatt, holding two new necks for old Vega Tubaphone banjos.

T.J., who seems to run things in Wyatt's shop, inspects a prewar Gibson pot (he can sniff out a fake in a minute).

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